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Here you will find information aboud covid-19 in various languages. 

Due to heightened rates of infection involving the English strain of the virus, the municipal council has implemented level B measures (high level of measures) in Østre Toten from 20 March 2021. These measures will remain in force until the end of Sunday 11 April. All residents and businesses in the municipality shall follow these rules. Information about the measures is available in 

Note: Information regarding testing and vaccination in Østre Toten municipality is currently only available in English. Please use the translate button on top of the web page and choose your preferred language for translation. 

Do you have any questions about covid-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English, Polish, Somali, Arabic and Urdu. Call tel. 815 55 015.

Korona: Information in various languages


Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English. Call 815 55 015, press #9+1

  • Korona: Information in English

    Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English! Call 815 55 015, press #9+1
    Covid-19 testing in Østre Toten

    Everyone with recent respiratory symptoms or other symptoms of covid-19 should take a test. This also applies to close contacts of persons with detected covid-19 infection, and those who have travelled to areas with a high prevalence of covid-19.

    Testing is free.

    How to make an appointment for testing

    You must always order testing before you show up at the test station.

    • Everyone who has a GP (doctor) in Østre Toten must first contact their GP office. The purpose of this is that the GP who knows the person should be able to assess the symptoms against the person's other diseases, assess whether he/she is in a particular risk group, and possibly what follow-up the person should have if the answer to the coronary test is negative. The GP's office then talks to Skreia Medical Center, before the person receives feedback on attendance for testing.
    • If for some reason you are not able to get in contact with you your GP, you can call the test number on Skreia, tel. 61 16 51 85 weekdays between 08.30 and 12.00.
    • Tourists, students and others who stay in Østre Toten municipality, but who do not have a GP in Østre Toten, please contact Skreia Medical Center directly for testing at tel. 61 16 51 85 weekdays between 08.30 and 12.00.

    Where and when is the testing carried out?

    Testing takes place outdoors in a test tent in the parking lot of Skreia Medical Center at 1 PM Monday to Friday. The address is Stasjonsvegen 15, 2848 Skreia.

    NB! You cannot show up for testing without having an appointment in advance. Ssee information above about how to make an appointment.

    The test station is normally closed on weekends and holidays. Exceptions may occur in major corona outbreaks.

    When and how do you get an answer to the test?

    You must stay at home in quarantine and avoid infecting others while waiting for your test results.

    If you are imposed a 10-day quarantine because you have been in close contact with an infected person, you must in any case be in quarantine until 10 days have elapsed.

    The answer to the test normally arrives within 1-2 days.

    If you have an Norwegian personal identification number (personnummer) you can find your test results online at Helsenorge.no. Otherwise you will be contacted and informed about the test results as soon as it is available.

    "Positive answer" means that the test shows that you are infected, "negative answer" means that it shows that you are not infected.

    If the test is positive, you will be contacted by a member of the infection tracing team, who will provide you with all the necessary information.


    Covid-19 vaccination in Østre Toten

    How do I get vaccinated?

    • Residents with a GP (doctor) in Østre Toten must contact their medical center via "Contact the doctor's office" on helsenorge.no when it is their turn based on the order of priority for vaccination. If you are not using Helsenorge, your doctor's office will call you.
    • Do you live in Østre Toten, but does not have a GP (doctor) in this municipality? When it is your turn based on the order of priority, you must contact the medical center in Østre Toten that is closest to your residential address, .

    Because we only get a few vaccine doses at a time, it will take some time before unprioritised parts of the population are offered a vaccine.

    The vaccine and vaccination is free. It is not possible to pay to get the vaccine earlier. Europol has issued a warning about the danger that counterfeit vaccines will increase. Therefore, we remind you that all use of an approved covid-19 vaccine in Norway takes place via municipalities.

    Information about the vaccine and practical implementation of vaccination will be made known through the media, and  also posted on the municipality's home page and Facebook page.

    Vaccination is voluntary. Anyone over the age of 18 who does not have severe acute allergies is however strongly advised to get vaccinated. This is important and absolutely necessary to hopefully get out of the risk of infection and isolation we have been in since March 2020.

    Implementation of the vaccination

    In Østre Toten municipality, the coronary vaccine is for the time being administered at medical centers. From May, we plan to carry out mass vaccination somewhere in central Lena.

    We follow the order of vaccination as the risk groups are listed by national authorities.

    What to do when you have an appointment for vaccination:

    • When you are set up on time, it is important that you show up or report back if you are prevented, otherwise a precious vaccine can be wasted.
    • Show up where you have been given an appointment.
    • Requirements for those who attend the vaccine:
      - You must be healthy without symptoms of respiratory infection.
      - Infection control rules must be followed when waiting before and after the vaccine. Keep 2 meters distance. Everyone must have a face mask.
      - Wait in the designated place for 20 minutes after the vaccine has been given.

    All vaccines are registered in the national vaccine register (SYSVAK), Those who wish, can get a vaccination card, which also states the time for dose 2. Everyone is set up for a new hour to dose 2, which is absolutely necessary for full vaccine effect for the types of vaccine currently used.

    When will you be vaccinated?

    National authorities have adopted a priority list for the order in which vaccines are offered. This list governs the offer also in Østre Toten municipality. The speed of vaccination depends on how many vaccines the municipality receives in the weeks to come. 

    Stay tuned to the municipality's home page or Facebook page for updates on how far Østre Toten has come regarding the vaccination.

    Information about the vaccines

    As of mid-March 2021, three vaccines have been used in Norway. For all vaccines, some protection is achieved after the first dose, but full protection is not achieved until one to two weeks after the second dose.

    • Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer)
      This was the first vaccine to be used in Norway. It is given in 2 doses. Doses 1 and 2 were initially given at intervals of about 3 weeks, but this has now been increased to 6 weeks, so that more people will have received at least one dose. All residents who have so far been vaccinated in Østre Toten, except for health personnel, have received this vaccine. Some health professionals have also received this vaccine.
      Read more about the Comirnaty vaccine here.
    • AstraZeneca
      This vaccine was used in February, and is given in 2 doses at a recommended interval of 7-12 weeks. In Norway, it was only approved for people under 65 years of age. It is only given to priority health professionals. The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine was suspended on 11 March by the National institute of Public Health, to await a possible link between the vaccine and a blood clot.
      Read more about the AstraZeneca vaccine here.
    • Moderna
      This vaccine is given in two doses about 4 weeks apart. It is considered to be very similar to the Comirnaty vaccine, and is currently only distributed to Oslo. So far, only a few doses of this have come to Norway.
      Read more about the Moderna vaccine here.

    More information about vaccination

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Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English, Polish, Arabic, Urdu and Somali. Call 815 55 015.

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Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English, Polish, Arabic, Urdu and Somali. Call 815 55 015.

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