Students in the school yard.

Schools and Education

General information about schools and education in Østre Toten.

In Østre Toten we have compulsory education for pupils from first grade to tenth grade. We also administer education for adults with special needs and for minority groups, and school psychology services.

Municipal services regarding schools and education:

(Norwegian translation in parenthesis)

  • After-school program (Skolefritidsordning - SFO)
  • Compulsory education - right to free education (Grunnskoleopplæring - retten til gratis opplæring)
  • Compulsory education for adults (Grunnskoleopplæring for voksne)
  • Education at home (Hjemmeundervisning)
  • Education for immigrants in Norwegian language and social studies (Opplæring i norsk og samfunnskunnskap for utlendinger)
  • Grades/marks - permission to complain (Karakterer - klageadgang)
  • Introductory program for newly arrived refugees (Introduksjonsprogram for nyankomne flyktninger)
  • Language training in compulsory education - for minority students (Språkopplæring - særskilt for minoritetsspråklige elever i grunnskolen)
  • Leave of absence from compulsory education (Permisjon fra grunnskoleopplæring)
  • Physical school environment for pupils (Elevenes fysiske skolemiljø)
  • Psychosocial school environment for pupils (Elevenes psykososiale skolemiljø)
  • Religion class - notification of partial exemption (KRL-faget - melding om delvis fritak)
  • School affiliation (Skoletilhørighet)
  • School camp (Leirskoleopphold)
  • School psychology services - referral (PP-tjenesten - henvisning)
  • School transport (Skoleskyss)
  • Special training for adults in compulsory education (Spesialundervisning for voksne på grunnskolens område)
  • Special training in compulsory education (Spesialundervisning i grunnskolen)
  • Speech therapist (Logoped)
  • Starting school (Skolestart)
  • User cooperation in school (Brukermedvirkning i skolen)

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