Roads, Street lights, Sewage, Waste, Water

General information about roads, street lights, sewage, waste and water supply in Østre Toten.
We administer Østre Toten's technical infrastructure. Our main focus is on road, water and sewage. We also offer services in construction operations, interaction with other municipal departments and with external participants.

Municipal services regarding roads, street lights, sewage, waste management, water and chimney cleaning:

(Norwegian translation in parenthesis)

  • Chimney cleaning and inspection of heating installations (Feiing og tilsyn med fyringsanlegg)
  • Road maintenance (Veivedlikehold)
  • Sewage - public sewage systems (Avløp - offentlige avløpsanlegg)
  • Street lights (Veglys)
  • Waste - renovating household waste (Avfall - renovasjon av husholdningsavfall)
  • Water supply - drinking water (Vannforsyning - drikkevann)

Contact information:

Service Centre opening hours:

Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 15:30


Telephone - Switchboard 61 14 15 00

Office Address:

Rådhusgata 20, 2850 Lena

Mailing Address:

PO Box 24, 2851 Lena


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