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Housing and Building Matters

General information about housing and building in Østre Toten.

We wish to arrange for a good and effective procedure in housing and building matters, adjusted to your needs. Citizens may contact us by telephone or in person.

Municipal services regarding housing and building matters:

(Norwegian translation in parenthesis)

  • Advance conference (Forhåndskonferanse)
  • Advertising sign - along public road (Reklameskilt - skilt langs vei)
  • Protected cultural heritage sites - permit to change (Automatisk fredete kulturminner - tillatelse til inngrep)
  • Protected cultural heritage sites - subsidies to archeological surveying (Automatisk fredete kulturminner - tilskudd til arkeologiske undersøkelser)
  • Construction work - smaller - on developed property (Byggetiltak - mindre - på bebygd eiendom)
  • Cultural heritage sites (Kulturminner)
  • Discharge permits (Utslippstillatelse)
  • Exit road - private exit from public road (Avkjørsel - privat avkjørsel fra offentlig vei)
  • Facade changes - considerable (Fasadeendring - vesentlig)
  • Fencing (Innhegning)
  • Filling or leveling of terrain (Fylling eller planering av terreng)
  • Heritage buildings and installations - operating permission (Fredete bygninger og anlegg - tillatelse til inngrep)
  • Heritage buildings and installations - subsidies (Fredete bygninger og anlegg - tilskudd)
  • House - building new (Bolig - bygging av ny)
  • House - change of use (Bruksendring)
  • Installations - minor (Installasjoner - enkle)
  • Notice to neighbors (Nabovarsel)
  • Outdoor fireplace - free-standing (Utepeis - frittliggende)
  • Panel fence (Levegg)
  • Parking space (Biloppstillingsplass)
  • Prohibited building and activity along public road - dispensation (Bygge- og aktivitetsforbud langs offentlig vei - dispensasjon)
  • Shed - smaller, free-standing (Uthus - mindre, frittliggende)
  • Signs and advertising devices - installation (Skilt og reklameinnretninger - montering)
  • Supporting wall - minor (Forstøtningsmur - mindre)
  • Wall - non-supporting (Vegg - ikke-bærende)

Contact information:

Service Centre opening hours:

Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 15:30


Telephone - Switchboard 61 14 15 00

Office Address:

Rådhusgata 20, 2850 Lena

Mailing Address:

PO Box 24, 2851 Lena


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