Care, Rehabilitation and Welfare

General information about care, rehabilitation and welfare in Østre Toten. For our elderly citizens we have: Østre Toten sykehjem, Kapp bo- og servicesenter, Balke bo- og servicesenter, Fjellvoll bo- og servicesenter og Labo bo- og servicesenter. We offer careers and home nursing to those who are sick and dependent on nursing, while still living in their own home.

Municipal services regarding elderly people:

(Norwegian translation in parenthesis)

  • Serviced housing (Omsorgsbolig)
  • Care benefit (Omsorgslønn)
  • Day center (Dagopphold)
  • Occupational therapy (Ergoterapi)
  • Home care (Hjemmehjelp, praktisk bistand i hjemmet)
  • Home nursing care (Hjemmesykepleie)
  • “Meals on wheels” (Matombringing)
  • Nursing home - long term stays (Sykehjem - langtidsopphold)
  • Nursing home - relief stay (Sykehjem - avlastningsopphold)
  • Nursing home - short term stays (Sykehjem - korttidsopphold)
  • Physiotherapy (Fysioterapi)
  • Remote control safety alarm (Trygghetsalarm)
  • Technical aids - loan (Tekniske hjelpemidler - utlån)

Contact information:

Service Centre opening hours:

Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 15:30


Telephone - Switchboard 61 14 15 00

Office Address:

Rådhusgata 20, 2850 Lena

Mailing Address:

PO Box 24, 2851 Lena


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